Ride in the ParkMobile
If you'd like to enjoy a visit to Christchurch Park but find walking difficult, why not take a ride in our ParkMobile? In the comfort of this small electric bus, run by the Friends of Christchurch Park, you can tour the Park in all its different seasons and see its ancient trees, its ponds, wildlife, and other attractions. The ParkMobile can take seven seated passengers (or three seated passengers with two more in wheelchairs) and has a roof and roll-down windows in case of light rain*. It is mainly provided for groups, but tours can also be arranged for individuals. Bookings (which can be made by members and non-members alike) must be made in advance by calling the RDVC on 01473 252435. The cost is just £16 per one hour trip. This covers our running costs.


To find out more, or to make a booking, please ring The Reg Driver Centre on 01473 252435.



* In the interests of safety, and everyone's comfort, the driver may have to cancel a ParkMobile tour at short notice, immediately before or even during the ride, if he or she judges the weather and road conditions to be too poor.