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David Miller's book Ipswich Arboretum:A History & Celebration which documents the history of the Christchurch Park arboretum has sold more than 500 copies in the last two months.

Orwell Astronomical Society are coming back to the Park on Saturday February 28th. The evening starts at 7pm and will finish at 9pm. 

Park Run meets outside Christchurch Mansion every Saturday at 9am from now until late Spring.

  • Historic Vehicle Run - 3rd May from 10am to 1pm

  • EACH Colour Run - 7th June from 10am to 3pm

  • Music Day - 5th July from 12 to 8pm

  • Mela/Global Rhythm - 11th July from 12 to 7pm

  • Ipswich Half Marathon - 20th September from 10am

  • Cycle Swarm - 4th October from 8am to 5pm

  • Big Fun Run - 17th October from 10am - 1pm

David Miller signing copies of the Arboretum book in Waterstones yesterday afternoon. There are copies available in Waterstones, WH Smiths, the library and the Reg Driver Centre.   The book includes a wonderful trail to follow exploring the trees of this beautiful Arboretum.

The 5km Parkrun is back and they are looking for volunteer marshalls and time keepers. Let them know if you would like to help out. It really is a great experience. Have a look at their photographs of the run today.

Ipswich parkrun

Picture of book covers

Two new FoCP books available : Portrait of the Birds and Ipswich Arboretum

Why do so many people love bats and are those people themselves simply 'batty'? The FoCP September batwalk was well advertised in the local newspaper and, would you believe it, one hundred bat lovers turned up.

Spike the baby hedgehog

On Friday 19th September a lady came into the Reg Driver Centre holding a shoe box with a baby Hedgehog inside. She had found it on Bolton Lane and said it was about to wonder out onto the road. After much discussion and deliberation she finally decided it was best to leave Spike, as we’d now named him, with us (he was rather cute and adorable).  I promptly marched over to Bolton Lane Stores to buy some meat based dog food and hot dog sausages (what we use for our hedgehog survey tunnels, speak to me if you would like a kit for your garden).

Meet the birds of Christchurch Park

This years Autumn bird walk will start from the Reg Driver Centre at 9.30 on Saturday 25th October. All are welcome to join us in watching the lives of the wonderful birds in the park.

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