alanGilbertMy name is Alan Gilbert and in the spring of 2013 I took over from Sam Pollard as Area Supervisor, Parks and Open Spaces, for the central area of the Borough that includes Christchurch Park. 

Early last year, our department’s frontline staff were reorganised to create a much improved, clearer career structure.  This meant that many of the team were then re-positioned within the department according to their new roles.  Also at this time Sam Pollard (who had been here for seven years) and myself were reassigned, with Sam going to Chantry (where I had been before) and with me coming to Christchurch.

In the Park, we now have a new Assistant Supervisor/Head Gardener Colin Brewster, who previously worked in the town centre area maintaining the roundabouts, housing areas and recreation grounds.  Alan Reynolds has also moved here having previously been most noted for his maintenance of the Colchester Road area and the roundabouts (Westerfield/Tuddenham) etc.  Trevor remains in the park, and Nathan has recently joined the team.

I look forward to working closely with the Friends of Christchurch Park and please do not hesitate to drop in to the Reg Driver Centre in the Park to meet me and my team.